Musaboru no Oni 
Musaboru no Oni 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return: 1166

Musaboru no Oni was an oni of the Shadowlands.

Appearance Edit

Musaboru no Oni had a long tail with a grayish black carapace and four limbs with insect-like claws. Its head had multiple compound eyes and a large slobbering mouth such a spider, dripping a potent paralysis poison from its teeth and claws. [1]

History Edit

Summoned Edit

Once a shugenja, Yozo retired to a monastery in Crab lands near Takatsu Mura and took the name Musaboru. The monks had supported the Steel Chrysanthemum during the War of Spirits, spying on the Crab in return for generous bribes. Such avarice attracted the sort of wicked spirits that haunted Crab lands. Musaboru was seduced by whispering kansen, and Musaboru no Oni was summoned. The oni destroyed the monastery and threatened Takatsu Mura before Musaboru finally slew it. The monk took his own life shortly after. [2]

Assault of the Celestial Heavens Edit

When Fu Leng assaulted the Celestial Heavens, Musaboru no Oni was one of the oni with him. Musaboru no Oni devoured the essences of several lesser Fortunes and gained great power. The divine energies of those Fortunes, combined with the regret seeded deep within the demon, created something new. Yozo was reborn, as a dragon and Fortune of Vengeance. The two beings shared the same soul and attempted to live in harmony, but their opposing personalities would not allow them any peace, although they both attempted to do so for many years. [2]

Opposite Twins Edit

Both Yozo and Musaboru no Oni were unique among their kinds. The demon embodied Musaboru's rage, but carried a tiny spark of righteousness within it. The dragon embodied Musaboru's piety, but still carried a hint of cynical bitterness. [3]

Death Edit

The two could not continue to co-exist, for the presence of the other was an unbearable agony. In 1166 the oni arrived the place where it was created an consumed the souls of several villagers. The local magistrate, Hiruma Hitaken, was also its prey, but Hitaken was able to flee, being part of his soul consumed. Yozo also reached the monastery to end his pain, and in human form resembling identical twins the fight began. They were changing their shapes to their true ones during the battle, but no one took the upperhand against the other until Hitaken, who had been advised by the Keepers of the Books of Enlightenment, attacked the oni. The suicide attack gave the opportunity to Yozo to destroy the oni, but the dragon would also not survive. As Yozo was dying, it told its story to Hitaken. [2]

Aftermath Edit

Hitaken gained a deal of power from both Yozo and the oni, becoming the Heir of Vengeance. [2]

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