Murame family 
Patron family: Ikoma family 
Clan: Lion Clan 
Founded: 1133 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Murame family favored military prowess over anything else, very unusual within the Ikoma family. [1]

Founding Edit

After the Akodo family was disbanded in 1123 the Akodo War College was tended by the Ikoma. When the Akodo where reinstated in 1133 after the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, the Ikoma returned the college to their cousins. These men clearly were not the typical sort of soldier the ikoma produced, and their leader Ikoma Murame was granted a vassal family name. Their ancestral home was Murame Toshi. [1]

Duty Edit

The Murame were cunning tactician with the practical mind of the Ikoma. Murame units favored yari and naginata, preferring to take terrain advantages. [1]

Murame Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Murame:

Ikoma Murame 1133 - ?
Murame Nitobe (c. 1159)

See also Edit


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