East Hub Village

East Hub Village

One of the four Hub Villages, the East Hub Village (A6) was once the home to ronin and mercenaries, but since the fall of Otosan Uchi it had been a shadow of its former self. The mercenaries had gone elsewhere and there was very little remaining to bring outsiders here. [1]

Tsi Estate Edit

In the year 172 Tsi Wenfu, founder of the Tsi family, was bestowed an estate by the Emperor Hantei Genji himself. [2]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 during the Fall of Otosan Uchi, the bloodspeaker Asako Kaushen attacked East Hub Village with Titsu no Oni and a Chi no Oni. Shiba Aikune and the Wish appeared and killed them all. [3]

Remaining Interests Edit

The House of the Green Koi, a tea house which was founded by an Imperial Herald, was the center for all activity in the village. [1] The sake house was the Crimson Blossom. [4]

Tortoise Edit

The Tortoise Clan maintained a nominal presence within the village, which could explain its relative prosperity. Whatever the reason, there were a large number of ronin who made the village their home. A ronin Otokodate known as the East Wind were hired to protect the Tortoise's assets. [5]

East Wind and the Unicorn Edit

The East Wind helped the Shinjo family to administer the district [6] since they aided them in destroying the Sons of Shadow, Ninja bandits, who plaguing the village in 1168. [5]

East Hub Port Edit

Eastern Hub Port

East Hub Port

The port in the East Hub Village had become a holding of the Mantis Clan. [7] It was settled in the Winter Court at Kyuden Otomo in 1168. The leader of the East Wind, Hokatsu, had signed a treaty with the scorpion to cede them the control of the port, but a later involvements in a failed treaty Mantis-Scorpion ultimately led into the Mantis being granted permission to use the port as they saw fit, but were specifically restricted from taking action against the ronin currently overseeing the port. [8]

Supply Port Edit

The Mantis in 1169 used the port to deliver the supplies needed to built a new village south of Otosan Uchi, Houritsu Mura. It became the Mantis headquartes in the northern Empire. [9]

Other buildings of interest Edit

East Hub Village 2

East Hub Village (A6)

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