Created by: Unknown
First used by: Seppun Miharu
Currently in the possession of: Un-named naga

Mukizo, the Flawless, was the katana used by the Seppun Miharu to kill the Steel Chrysanthemum, Hantei XVI, in 597. [1]

Guarded by the Seppun Edit

The blade remained unused during centuries, under the keep of the Seppun family, [1] until 1159 when they passed the blade to the Phoenix for safe-keeping. [2]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

The blade was nearly stolen by Asako Mishime during the Fall of Otosan Uchi, but it was kept by the Isawa. [1]

Restoration of the Chuda Edit

Mishime posed as a Isawa to infiltrate and eventually retrieved Mukizo. He returned to the City of the Lost and gave the katana to Daigotsu, the last Hantei. [1] Mishime petitioned for the right to use it to offer fealty to others, rebuilding the Chuda family, and the sword the ancestral weapon of the restored family. [3]

Daigotsu Hotako Edit

Somehow the blade was wielded by the Daigotsu Hotako, becoming the blade of the Obsidian Champion until her death in 1198 at the hands of Ikoma Ayumu. Ayumu took the blade and Hotako's kama, and the pair were held at a temple under Ayumu's care. [4]

Ikoma Ayumu Edit

Ayumu safeguarded the blades until he found a samurai worthy of the task, Tsuruchi Yashiro, [5] who became the defender of the Obsidian Blades. [6]

Unknown Naga Edit

Obsidian Blades

Mukizo and its wakizashi

A new Obsidian Champion ascended when a naga eventually managed to seize the Obsidian Blades. [7]


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