Mukami's Legion was an unit of the Mantis Clan.

Destroyer War Edit

Tsuruchi Nobumoto commanded the Legion during the Destroyer War. [1] In 1171 Nobumoto and his elite legion destroyed a Destroyers unit with the aid of his advisor Yoritomo Tatsuhiko. [2] In 1172 Hida Hebi coordinated the Amoro's Legion and Mukami's Legion attack on a large group of Destroyers. [3] Later they halted an oni attack, alongside the Mirumoto Elite Guard, [4] and later to close a portal to Sakkaku, killing the majority of the Orochi that came from it. [5] The Legion and Nobumoto managed to disperse a peasant army without conflict. [6] They suffered a minor incident when they landed and resupplied in a Crane village, but the first order made by the local magistrate were overrun bu his superiors, and travel papers were issued. [7] Mukami’s Legion investigated the allegations saying the Phoenix Clan were corroborating with the Dark Oracle of Fire in hopes of destroying Kaigen's Island, but the Mantis investigation found no evidence. [8]


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