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Muhomono (I) 
Muhomono (I) 
Born: Pre-calendar 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Muhonarak, Unknown Mother

Muhomono was the ruler of the Mikata during the fall of the Kami and the creation of the Shadowlands.

Ogre Kingdom Edit

Muhomono was the eldest son of Muhonarak, Champion of Ningen-do, and ruler of the Mikata. Muhomono was known at that time as the Prince of the World. The rat-men killed Muhonarak and turned on their former masters. The Mikata shattered as Ogre lord turned on Ogre lord, and rose to take the empire of rat-men rose to take the ogre place. They used their terrible Name Magic to twist the ogre bodies and drive them into pens. Only Muhomono remained free and fought an endless war to free his brothers and sisters from rat-men rule. He was known the Prince of Tears, forever weeping in death for his lost children. [1]

Death Edit

Powerful and wise, Muhomono lead the ogres to many glorious battles. His conquered kingdom was freed when Fu Leng fell into the former Ogre territory, [1] which would became the Shadowlands. When Fu Leng began searching for champions, he first went to Muhomono, but Muhomono refused wishing to know more of Fu Leng's origins. After the goblins and trolls joined Fu Leng, Muhomono was again offered a place at his side, but Muhomono only had more questions and no wish for the kami's gifts. Muhomono would not join Fu Leng until his questions were answered, and wanted to be treated as equals, not slaves. Fu Leng told Muhomono his questions would never be answered, and killed him, enslaving all ogres. [2]

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