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Muhomono was a free Ogre who named himself after the great ogre king from the Tale of the Bright Star. [1]

Appearance Edit

Muhomono was as tall as a mountain as strong as five men and had a taste for blood. Somehow the abomination slipped past the Kaiu Wall and mastered the Rokugani language. He lived in a hideout in the hills near Dragon Lake, and would stitch the mon of dead samurai to form his own bloodstained banner. [2]

Bandit Lord Edit

In the Unicorn steppes Muhomono led a bandit horde of twenty ronin and fifteen ogres. He dreamed of a day when the Great Clans, the nezumi, and Fu Leng all laid defeated before him. Muhomono would never return to his homeland, the shadowlands, as an ogre, once freed, could never allow himself to be shackled again. [1]

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