The Mountain of Shadows was a mountain of dark gray stone and pale flora somewhere deep in the recesses of the southern Lost lands in the Shadowlands. The reality-twisting power of the Shadow Dragon made the mountain did not always appear in the same location. The peak was not entirely substantial and seemed to be a sentient thing, guarded by Goju Stalkers. [1]

Discovered Edit

While the Shadow Dragon was wandering in Meido, the Realm of Dreams, seeking how Daigotsu had created the Ashura, it discovered Goju Adorai himself, the human master of the Darkness that perished in reality at the hands of Isawa Hochiu, alive and well in this nightmare mirror. [2]

Alternate Reality Edit

In this alternate reality, instead of patiently awaiting the death of Fu Leng, Adorai had turned Mirumoto Hitomi against the other Thunders, laying claim to her soul and her Clan. From the twisted and formless peaks of the Dragon Mountains, at Kyuden Adorai the master of the Goju ruled his own kingdom that opposed even Fu Leng's dominion in Rokugan. The Shadow Dragon recreated the greatest peak in these dreams out of the formless Nothing, away from the eyes of Daigotsu, Iuchiban, and any other power in the Shadowlands. [3]

Final Rest Edit

Adorai's Grave, a memorial to the late Master of the Darkness, laid just outside the Mountain of Shadows. [4]


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