The Mountain Wind was a tribe of Yobanjin who lived in the cold mountains of the Yobanjin lands. They were known for being very honorable, having no taste for treachery or deceit, and delivering swift justice against their enemies. [1]

Crane Clan Allies Edit

Yobanjin Alliance

Crane-Yobanjin Alliance

In the first years of Toturi III's reign the Crane Clan forged an alliance with the Mountain Wind. [2] [[Bajan] was the tribal leader, and they suffered hard times after the Rain of Blood in 1165 and eventually were able to recover with the aid of the Crane , who Bajan was able to ally with in exchange for the seal of Hantei Hochiahime, lost in 1111 when she had been kidnapped by Bloodspeakers. [3]

Badger Clan Edit

The tribe lived near the Badger Clan. When in 1166 a new jade mine collapsed, they saw an oni inside it, and supposed it had caused the disaster. They told it to Kasuga Mino, daughter of the Tortoise Clan Champion, Kasuga Taigen. Mino and the Yobanjin knew each other since years. Mino was instrumental in avoiding retaliation on the tribe by the Badger, who initially believed they had caused the mine ruin. [4]

Yobanjin Plot Edit

In 1168 the Badger Clan sent word to the Mountain Wind that a yobanjin tribe was plotting to pit the Badger against the friendly Mountain Wind Tribe. The manipulators hoped to use the Badger attack on the Mountain Wind as a rallying point to marshal a united offense against Rokugan by multiple Yobanjin tribes. The Badger Clan Champion Ichiro Kihongo ensured that this deception did not come to pass. [5]

Destruction Edit

The tribe was destroyed by the yobanjin forces of the Dark Oracle of Fire, Tamori Chosai, who were about to invade Rokugan. [6] The Mountain Wind had stood at the forefront of every battle in the Yobanjin lands against the Dark Oracle and his minions, the Sons of The Mountain Tribe and suffered more than any other tribe save for the doomed Daughters of the Flame. The remnants of the tribe fled and offered their services as scouts and guides to the Rokugani Great Clans. [7] They received a great deal of help afterward to rebuild their tribe. [8]

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