Mountain Song Monastery was carved in one of the Dragon Mountains, during half a century, done almost exclusively by Brotherhood members. The strange sound of the wind blowing through the twisting stone towers produced a musical sound. [1]

History Edit

Origin Edit

In the 4th century a monk stumbled upon a plateau where the moutanin song could be heard. The Brotherhood connected the plateau with the obscure quote from Shinsei himself, a famous koan, "Enlightenment can be found in the song of stone, if only one can learn to listen". The monastery was built there in such a way that it would not interfere in any way with the natural features that defined the area. [1]

Remote Edit

The temple was too secluded in the high mountains to be attacked by Yogo Junzo's Army in the Clan War. During the War Against Shadow, the Order of Hoshi used the monastery as a center of operations when they were attempting to prevent the Dragon from being consumed by the Lying Darkness. During the Dragon-Phoenix War the temple was in a brisk to be destroyed by the eruption of the volcano Wrath of the Kami. [1]

Tradition Edit

The monastery was a bastion of tradition, occupied by monks of many sects, with different beliefs and philosophies. During the morning martial arts were taught to the stuents, while in the afternoon the younger members performed countless chores. [1]

Sensei Edit

The prestigious position of administrator had traditionally been taken by moderate brothers, men and women not particularly devoted to one sect or another, to prevent philosophical differences from dividing those who visited the monastery. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit


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