The Mountain Home Dojo taught the Tamori Shugenja school, and also housed Fortunism monks, [1] Students of the Tao, Three Orders Tattooed Man, and Tamori Yamabushi. [2] It was the oldest Tamori dojo. [3]

Founding Edit

The Mountain home Dojo was founded by the Agasha in the heart of a mountain below her family's state, Shiro Agasha in the Agasha Tunnels. The Tamori delved the arts of potions and herbalism, while the arts of explosives and alchemy were abandoned. [4]

The Agasha Defection Edit

Many dojo's scrolls and material were taken by the followers of Agasha Gennai when the bulk of the Agasha went to the Phoenix Clan, but Agasha Tamori secured the most important resources of the dojo's library. [4] The monks of a nearby temple were invited by the Tamori to administrate the dojo with them, and the monks formed an apparent mix with the militant Tamori. [5]

Tradition Edit

The students were the most promising of the Tamori, it was very rare for this dojo to accept students from other clans. The students were recognized by placing the mountain in front of the Dragon on their family mon. [4]

Training Edit

The tamori were the most martially inclined shugenja in Rokugan, being competent with both the sword and unarmed self-defence, and stand alongside their Dragon brethren on the battlefield.

The first year was spent studying the Tao, meditation and martial skills. In their second year the initiates began the study of spellcraft. They also devoted time exploring the ways of the natural world, potions and elixirs. [4]

Sensei Edit

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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