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Mountain Goblin

A Mountain Goblin

Mountain Goblins were similar to normal Goblins, and could be mistaken with them, but Mountain Goblins had a thicker girth and smaller ears, and their skin tended to be more grayish than green. [1] They normally lived in the mountainous regions of the northern Shadowlands, but some groups slipped past the Kaiu Wall and set up home in the Twilight Mountains and the Spine of the World Mountains. [2] They were not so agressive and their numbers were small. [3] When in or near their lairs they would fight fiercely. [4]

Abilities Edit

Mountain Goblin 3

Mountain Goblin

This creature could regenerate severed limbs re-attaching them, the cut edges of the flesh begin to melt and stretch, melding together to heal up the mould. Mountain goblins attacked with claws and teeth, and sometimes threw stones. [5]

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