RPG Information (AEG) Edit

Moto family (Void +1; [1] Stamina +1; [2] Agility +1) [3]

The Moto family had a resolute spirit driven by the urge to remove the stain upon the family name. [1] The Moto were short, with thick, squat bodies and wide, menacing features. They favored clothing that incorporated fur and other gaijin elements, bringing even more attention to their physical differences. [2] More than any other family, their [[gaijin blood] was obvious from the look of them, short and squat as they were. [3]

RPG Information (FFG) Edit

Moto family (Fire +1; Command +1; Fitness + 1; Glory 40)

The Moto family were considered to be the least civilized of the Unicorn families by the standards of the Empire. [4]


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