Moto family


Clan: Unicorn Clan 
Founded: Unknown 
Daimyo: Moto Naleesh 
"Never" [1]

The Moto family, descendants of the barbaric Ujik-hai, were the ruling family of the Unicorn Clan since Shinjo's return from the Burning Sands.

Founding Edit

A few months after Lady Shinjo and the Ki-Rin Clan left the Empire, they discovered a tribe in the Burning Sands called the Ujik-hai. The Ujik-hai attacked the newcomers, but were defeated. Rumors of the divinity of Shinjo spread throughout the tribes, and many pledged themselves to her. [2] The Moto family was founded upon the death of Moto, the first Ujik-hai who swore allegiance to Shinjo. [3] As such, the Moto were the only family of the Unicorn Clan to have come from outside of Rokugan. [4] They became "the right hand of Shinjo", the shock cavalry that was used to break enemy lines during battles. [5]

Moto samurai valued power and precision, which required order and discipline. The warriors under the command of Moto officers must perform rigorous drills and other military exercises on a regular basis. [6]

History Edit

Contact with the Ashalan Edit

After the War with the Rocs the families of the Ki-Rin were divided into four groups to search for a passage home. The Ide and Moto encountered the Ashalan, a race of immortal beings sharing a finite number of souls. [7]

Contact with Merenae Edit

In the year 439, during the Unicorn Clan's wanderings, the Moto family reached the port of Aqahba, and the local captain Shereid Ibn Shihan told of the distant nation named Merenae. [8] The Moto sailed overseas and contacted the kingdom, making the first contact between Rokugan and this gaijin nation. [9]

The Dark Moto Edit

After the Return of the Unicorn in 815, the Moto saw what the threat of the Shadowlands were for the first time, and decided to show their strength by defeating it. In 825, led by their Daimyo Moto Tsume, they rode into the Shadowlands, hoping to aid the Crab in their fight. [10] The few who returned had their hair white, and their hearts full of cold fear. Within five years, all of the survivors had died aged well beyond their years. [11]

Return of Shinjo Edit

When the Scorpion Clan returned from their exile after the disapearance of Toturi I, they brought back the remainder of the Moto as well as their Kami, Shinjo. Shinjo discovered that the Unicorn Clan had been corrupted by the Kolat (Qolat) and removed the Shinjo family from power, making the Moto the ruling family of the Unicorn. [12]

Destruction of the Dark Moto Edit

Moto Ride to the Shadowlands

Moto Ride to the Shadowlands

In 1133 the Moto Khan Moto Gaheris destroyed the Dark Moto by using fierce tactics from the Burning Sands, unifying their line once and for all, [13] [14] in the Battle of Twilight Mountains. [15]

Changes after the Dark Moto Edit

The loss of their family's honor made them colder, more ruthless, more determined than ever before. Their connection with the Shadowlands through the Dark Moto changed them forever. To reflect this change the mon and motto were also changed. [11]

Politics Edit

Northern Provinces of the Moto 1

Moto landscape

Moto Daimyo and Khan Edit

Historically, the daimyo of the Moto was called daimyo, just as all the other families and clans in Rokugan. Recently, with the coming of the remaining Moto from the Burning Sands with Shinjo, the Moto daimyo have taken to calling themselves "Khan" instead. With the promotion of the Moto family to the leadership of the Unicorn Clan as a whole, the Unicorn Clan Champion had been referred to as the Khan as well. [16]

Tradition broken Edit

Shinjo Min-Hee was the first khan which was not a Moto Daimyo. [17]

Moto Soro  ? - c. 150
Moto Tsume  ? - 825
Terumori's Father  ? - ?
Moto Terumori  ? - 1128
Moto Soro 1128 - 1132
Moto Gaheris 1132 - 1159
Moto Chagatai 1159 - 1170
Moto Chen 1170 - ?
Moto Naleesh  ? - Present

Vassals of the Moto Edit

Within the Family Edit

Mon of the Moto Edit

Old Moto

Original Moto family mon

The original mon of the Moto family was an optimistic red chrysanthemum. After the Moto Ride it was changed by a new one which bore the face of death - a stylized mask that matched the ghostly white make-up worn by the Moto samurai into battle. This mon was stark and grim. [11] When the family restored its honor in the midtwelfth century, some of them began using the red chrysanthemum design again, but the white kabuki mon also remained in use, especially with the White Guard and the Moto Fanatics. [18]

Family Motto Edit

The original motto of the Moto was "Moto can die, but cannot yield." After the appearance of the Dark Moto it was replaced by the new one - "Never." [1]

Schools Edit

The following are the basic Schools within the Unicorn Clan:

Paths Edit

The following are the Paths within the Unicorn Clan:

Lands Edit

The Moto had been a nomadic people for centuries. It was only after the return of Shinjo from the Burning Sands in 1132 that they finally acquired lands of their own. Their lands were largely flat plains, allowing their cavalry ample room to practice their trademark maneuvers. [19]

Provinces Edit

Moto provinces

Moto provinces

Holdings of the Moto Edit

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