Moto Zhijuan 
Moto Zhijuan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Un-named children

Moto Zhijuan was a samurai-ko of the Unicorn Clan.

Never Enough Edit

Zhijuan was one of the strongest in her family, but always wished to be stronger. Moto Vordu offered her greater power. [1]

Western Border Sentry Edit

Zhijuan and her immediate family secure the Empire's western border. [2] After the Khol Wall was built, there were several attacks on it. The Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Chagatai ordered Zhijuan to know who was behind. [3] It was discovered later that some of them came from the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire [4] when Zhijuan faced Chosai himself. He saw the dark Oracle when Zhijuan was inside Rokugan borders, so the Chosai could not harm him. [5]

Remain on duty Edit

Zhijuan remained in her station and her legion was not recalled even after the Unicorn defeat in the Khan's Defiance in 1169, and the following Lion march to Shiro Moto during 1169 and 1170. [6]

Family Edit

Zhijuan had descendants, and Moto Zaitsuta was her granddaughter. [7]

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