Moto Wasaka 
Moto Wasaka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Moto Wasaka was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan.

Khan's Defiance Edit

In 1168 Wasaka was part of a Unicorn force seeking a safe passageway to the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo within lion lands. The scout Shinjo Fuyuko found an unguarded passageway and came to explore it. They were ambushed by Lion forces led by the Lion's heir Matsu Yoshino. Wasaka prompted and rode to kill him, but his mount was killed by an arrow fired by Ikoma Fujimaro. [1]

Death Edit

Wasaka wounded by an arrow, and behind the weight of his own horse, was killed by Yoshino. [1] None escaped but Utaku Yasuha, who fled to warn the Khan as her comrades died. [2]

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