Moto War
Location: Unknown
Date: 1133
Major Forces: Moto family, Dark Moto
Generals: Moto Gaheris, Otaku Kamoko
Battles of Rokugan

Return of Shinjo Edit

In 1132 after the Scorpion Clan were returned to their rightful place in Rokugan, they returned from the Burning Sands with the Kami Lady Shinjo and the remaining Moto family( who had not come back with the Unicorn in 815). Shinjo quickly exposed the Shinjo family for their Kolat ties and installed Moto Gaheris as the new Unicorn Clan Champion. After the Battle of Oblivion's Gate the Moto decided to ride against the Dark Moto.

Otaku Kamoko Edit

The Dark Moto were led by Otaku Kamoko who had let herself become corrupted so she could lead the Dark Moto to their destruction.

Defeat of the Dark Moto Edit

In 1133 the Moto Khan Gaheris destroyed the Dark Moto in the Battle of Twilight Mountains [1] by using fierce tactics from the Burning Sands, unifying their line for once and all. [2]

Aftermath Edit

When the Dark Moto returned to their base camp in the Fallen Chrysanthemum Lake they discovered Fu Leng was disgusted with them and had whitdrawn his Dark Blessing. The Moto aged rapidly and died. [3]


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