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Moto Utaemon was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan.

Training Edit

Utaemon spent several years wandering the Empire, while he regularly returned to the Moto Bushi school. He trained with Crab and Crane samurai, and rode alongside Matsu cavalry masters. Utaemon observed how other Great Clans waged war. [1]

Station Edit

His diverse knowledge made him a keen tactician who displayed cunning and unpredictable tactics. The understanding of his enemies became him a master in the art of anticipation. Utaemon first served in the junghar, until Moto Chagatai himself invited him to the Khol. After commanding the Twelfth Khol Legion for five years, he was promoted to the rank of shireikan, and commanded an entire wing of the massive Army of the Center. [1]

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