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Moto Soro (II) 
Moto Soro (II) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Parents: Moto Terumori 
Titles: Moto Daimyo

Moto Soro was a Unicorn Clan samurai named for the original Moto Soro.

Family Edit

Soro was the only son of Moto family Daimyo Moto Terumori. Soro was apprehensive about succeeding his father as daimyo because he viewed his father as the greatest Moto who had ever lived. [1]

Favored Weapon Edit

Soro favored the scimitar, a blade originated in the Burning Sands, over the katana. [2]

Station Edit

Moto Soro (II) 2

Moto Soro

Soro was his family's representative in distant provinces, holding the magistrate status as a political appointment. Soro used that time creating a network of allies across the Empire. [2]

Moto Daimyo Edit

Soro became the Daimyo after his father Terumori was killed in battle in 1128 when he ordered the Moto family to counter-attack Moto Tsume's Dark Moto rampaging in Unicorn lands. [3] [4]

Death Edit

Soro followed Shinjo and Moto Gaheris in the Assault on Otosan Uchi against the Lying Darkness and its hold over Toturi. In the assault of the Imperial Palace Soro and one hundred Moto were killed when their charge was swallowed up into a shadowed maw, giving free way for the rest of rokugani forces. [5]

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Preceded by:
Moto Terumori
Moto Daimyo
1128 - 1132
Succeeded by:
Moto Gaheris

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