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Moto Sen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Shireikan of the White Guard

Moto Sen was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan and Shireikan of the White Guard.

Lineage Edit

Sen, son and grandson of Moto White Guards, was a direct descendant of some of those who succumbed to the Shadowlands Taint centuries ago. Sen worked to become the best and purest warrior he could possibly be. His father taught him to study the Tao and the Fortunes. [1]

Station Edit

Sen joined the Junghar as the first step to join his ancestors in the White Guard army. After several years he was finally invited to join the Khol. He was wounded during a fight against desert raiders in the Burning Sands, and left for dead while his squadron was nearly wiped out. After clinging to life for weeks, he stumbled upon a wild horse, and eventually befriended him. Sen returned and his ordeal had purified him. He was quickly accepted in the White Guard. He fought alongside the Khan ever since, including the Battle of Sukoshi Zutsu, the famous last battle of the War of the Rich Frog. Sen was appointed as commander of the entire White Guard, and was one of Moto Chagatai's most important commanders. [1]

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