Moto Sanjo 
Born: 872 
Died: Unknown

Moto Sanjo was one of the doomed horsemen who followed the infamous Moto Tsume on the latter's ride into the Shadowlands. Unlike most of the Moto family who went, evidence of Sanjo returned quickly in the hands of his broken daisho which another Moto carried back to a Unicorn Clan camp.

It is unknown whether or not Sanjo rode with the Dark Moto as an undead samurai like Tsume, though his presence was clearly felt by his descendents. They found that whenever in the presence of Shadowlands' creatures, they could hear the hideous laughter of this ancestor ringing in the back of their minds. While somewhat useful as a tool to detect Tainted creatures, this also had an extremely demoralizing effect on anyone unfortunate enough to share his lineage.

Some Unicorn maintain that if his daisho was ever reforged, this would allow his insane spirit to pass on to the world. Others maintain that while his children's children walk the earth, he would ever remain. If this is so, it is possible that Sanjo is now some form of Tainted gaki, or hungry ghost.

Major References Edit

Way of the Unicorn p. 74

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