Moto Ogedei 
Moto Ogedei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1167

Moto Ogedei was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan. He was nicknamed the Fist of the Khan.

White Guard Edit

Ogedei was a member of the White Guard. In 1165 a unit of the Junghar led by Shinjo Shono was at combat near the City of the Rich Frog against a Dragon Imperial Legion. Ogedei arrived with his unit on time to save the day for the Unicorn. [1]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Ogedei was a massive Unicorn who had a reputation for a braggart and a lout, and that was how he wished it. His true purpose was to gather information on the city's seedy underbelly for the Khan. Nothing illicit moved throughout the city without Ogedei attempting to discover its origin, composition, and destination. He used to live in a room o the inn The Weary Traveler in the Fisherman's Quarter. [2]

Death Edit

The Scorpion Clan had determined that Ogedei was a problem, and dispatched Bayushi Moyotoshi to deal with him. Every day for ten days, Moyotoshi placed a small amount of poison in Ogedei's sake. The day he had the lethal dose in his system Moyotoshi appeared at Ogedei's room. For the poison to take effect the prey must exert herself fully, which Ogedei done when he chased Moyotoshi in the small room. After the Unicorn died, Moyotoshi left the room with no evidence that the Scorpion was ever in the room. [2]

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In Winter Thunder fiction Ogedei was with Moto Chagatai in the beginning of Khan's Defiance, which happened in the Winter of 1168.


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