Moto Miyu

Moto Miyu

Moto Miyu was a water shugenja and Death Priest of the Unicorn Clan.

Colonies Edit

In 1199 Miyu was alongside the Ninth Imperial Legion when Daigotsu Gyoken led his tainted forces against the Second City. The Spider commander had fallen under the sway of the mad dragon P'an Ku, and wished to burn the city all to the ground. Both forces clashed, and Miyu asked the favor of the kami to avoid any vial with the Blood of the Preserver to be broken on the Rokugani ranks, effectively removing the main threat of the enemy. With Crab reinforcements led by the interim Colonial Governor Kuni Renyu, and the arrival of Dragon forces under the command of Togashi Daimyo Togashi Noboru, the Fallen were defeated with ease. [1]

The Storm of Crystal Edit

Miyu, Yoritomo Tonogi, Akodo Chiyu, and Yasuki Daisuki were at Jungle's Shadow Village when the slumbering Ashalan known as Crystal Wind attacked the village. Togashi Noritada, Isawa Mizuhama, and Doji Razan, formed another group to flank the enemy. Daisuki quickly fell under the thrall of the Ashalan's tattoos, and was killed by Miyu. The nezumi Br'nn aided him to escape into the wilderness. [2] Miyu had rendered Noritada unconscious rather than risk facing him in battle. They met Razan and Mizuhama, who also had escaped. The group was surrounded by those who the Ashalan had enthralled, and eventually they faced Crystal Wind. Br'nn collapsed a tunnel warren beneath the Ashalan, and Miyu grabbed a Blue Dagger the enemy had been using. The weapon bore sigils to Miyu that enthralled him. The effects passed once Crystal Wind died, pierced by one of his own strange weapons. [3]

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