Moto Ming-Gwok

Moto Ming-Gwok

Moto Ming-Gwok was a water shugenja and Death Priest of the Unicorn Clan. He was called the Moon-Blessed, [1] who researched on the nature of the Obsidian Dragon with passion. [2]

Friendship Edit

Ming-Gwok was friend of Moshi Tomiko, [3] and they exchanged letters while the Unicorn was in the Colonies, in its capital the Second City. [2] She feared for her friend's sanity, and that of all those who suffered the curse of P'an Ku's madness. [4]

Colonies Edit

Ming-Gwok was sent to the Colonies. He bought the unique beverage required for his rituals to Entla, a merchant who brewed many concoctions that the Unicorn Clan enjoyed from their centuries of travel around the world. [5]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

Ming-Gwok had been given a vision, and he had shared what the Phoenix had learned about the mad dragon P'an Ku, and its influx over the Colonies. The shugenja joined the Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu, who was attempting to enter the Second City. Gates that had been barred in attempt to contain the riot now were keeping Tselu's forces at bay. Ming-Gwok used his magic to crumble the gates to dust, allowing the Ivory Magistrates to charge. [6] The Ivory Magistrates had cut their way through the northern section of the Military District. Tselu guessed that P'an Ku wanted chaos and destruction, so he decided to avoid destruction. His men retook the gate that led to the Imperial District and hold it, rallying others to their banner. They made a stand in defiance of this madness. [7]

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Moto Ming-Gwok


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