Moto Marik

Moto Marik

Moto Marik was a Moto Raid Master.

Attacking the Senpet Edit

Marik was a supporter of Moto Kiyoshi, and followed Kiyoshi's plans in spite of Moto Gaheris' decisions. [1] In 1130 the Senpet were returning from their victory over the Scorpion Clan when the Moto descended upon them beginning the Moto-Senpet War. But a sudden sandstorm swept up around them, and the will of the Lady washed them away into the sand. [2] As they charged the Senpet army, the sand beneath them opened and wretched, Ghul's twisted fingers reached up at their horses' legs. Kara watched the Khan Gaheris slip into the sand, followed by the screaming Senpet. [3] Marik reminded Kiyoshi about the words of Moto Jangir, and the disaster that would come. [4] Gaheris and Kiyoshi were gone. [5]

Defeated by the Senpet Edit

The Senpet riders came from the west and Senpet chariots charged from the east. They turned the horde about, but there was nowhere left to run. [6] The dust clouds parted to reveal two figures. One of them was Marik, [7] the second a Yodotai. [8]

Legacy Edit

Moto Chuluun was the granson of Marik. [9]

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