Moto Kesshite 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Moto Hunter (adopted)

Moto Kesshite was a water shugenja and hunter of the Unicorn Clan.

Early Years Edit

Kesshite's mother excelled in the arts of travel magic, and she was driven by the wanderlust that besetted many Unicorn samurai. After one of her extended journeys she returned with a newborn child, refusing to tell who was the father. When Kesshite was five, his mother was killed while on other of her journeys. He eventually was adopted by a solitaire Moto Hunter who lived among Ki-Rin Wardogs. [1]

Training Edit

Kesshite's innate talent for the kami manifested itself while on a hunt for wild boar at the edges of the Shinomen Mori. He uttered words of power to save his adoptive father's life from the attack of a boar. Kesshite was trained by the Iuchi, and at the same time he learned to wield the ono. His sensei was a renowned mapmaker and traveler named Iuchi Wodan, and accompanied him when wodan was sent to the Eternal Danger Islands. [1]

Station Edit

Kesshite was stationed at Shiro no Raiden, under the rule of the Imperial Miya Onako, but despised the courtly life, and those sycophants he found there, like the Scorpion ambassador, Shosuro Atari. Matsu Tadaka was the commander of the City of the Prosperous Dawn, which sat beside the castle. Eventually peasant woodsmen came racing into the city, reporting of dead bodies in the forest nearby. Kesshite and Asako Hiiromi examined the scene of the massacre, where several Rokugani had been pinned down by unknwon creatures, leaving behind only one survivor. Onako ordered him to discover the culprit. [2]

Suitor Exposed Edit

During a game of go between Shosuro Atari and the ronin woman Aireiko, the courtier learned she was deeply madly in love with Moto Kesshite. To sow discord between Onako and Kesshite, Atari blackmailed her, and requested Aireiko to hunt down a variety of exotic animals and dedicate the trophies to the Imperial administrator. Onako accepted the trophies, outraging Moto Kesshite, whose compassion for animals was well known. A group of samurai disrupted the scheme, convincing Aireiko to confide the truth to Kesshite. [3]

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