Moto Kagibe

Moto Kagibe

Ma'rhadi was born Ra'Shari and became tainted during his travel to Rokugan. He joined the Unicorn Clan as Moto Kagibe.

Ra'Shari Edit

Ma'rhadi's parents were sent to Rokugan to find and retrieve a Rokugani woman the Bone-Readers had predicted would become the 4th Avatar. [1]

Parent's death Edit

They moved to the shadowlands border, entering the Plains Above Evil. There Naga descended upon the group, enraged by the presence of his parent's guide, the Ashalan Nashaar. The group fled, but not before his parents were fatally wounded, and Ma'rhadi was entrusted with the quest to find the avatar. [1]

Tainted Edit

Ma'rhadi killed the couple to stop their suffering, and that moment marked his stain. Since that day he was tainted, and began to suffer physical deformations as white hair, bloody wracking cough, pale skin, paranoia, cloudy pupils and voices in his mind. [2]

Unicorn Clan Edit

With his would-be father Nashaar crossed the River of the Unexpected Hero and entering the Spine of the World Mountains alone. The gaijin proved their worthy and they were eventually accepted by the Unicorn, performing the Blood Rite according their laws of adoption. Nashaar took the name of Iuchi Yoru, and the boy joined the Moto family with the name of Kagibe. [3]

Love Edit

Yoru married to Shinjo Rikei, a Unicorn maiden Kagibe loved dearly, but he remained idle, knowing his hidden taint would not allow Rikei to return his passion. [1]

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