Moto Juncheng 
Moto Juncheng 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171, month of the Rooster

Moto Juncheng was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan.

Defending the Wall Edit

He was also a follower of the Lords of Death. He was stationed on the Kaiu Kabe when the attack of the Destroyers pushed Shadowlands denizens against the Wall, and was wounded while killing an oni. He was sent unconscious in the field hospital, where he was treated by shugenja healer Iuchi Xiong. Despite his wounds, he survived an attack on his tent. [1]

Death Edit

While still recovering, he joined a party of samurai from various Clans, led by Yoritomo Saburo, into the Shadowlands [2] in the month of the Rooster of 1171. [3] They intended to discover what threat was behind the Destroyer's army. They found what Juncheng recognized as Kali-Ma, the Destroyer, Horned Death of the Ivory Kingdoms and its personal guard of demons. Moto Juncheng was killed, trampled by these demons, while covering the retreat of the rest of the group, together with Bayushi Eisaku and Kitsuki Taiko. [4]

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