Moto Jangir 
Moto Jangir 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Faded to the Stars in 1132

Moto Jangir was a shugenja sahir of the Moto Clan in the Burning Sands. He joined the Jackal.

Gaheris supporter Edit

Jangir had foreseen the Moto Clan would change its fate soon. In 1130 the Senpet had enslaved the Rokugani Scorpion Clan, and Moto Kiyoshi saw it as an opportunity to punish the Scarab Empire. The Khan Moto Gaheris was against, but he was obliged to follow when Kiyoshi took half of the Clan to battle the Senpet. Jangir reminded Gaheris their Clan was not ready but the Khan departed. [1] Jangir believed the Senpet would grow stronger each day they would not retaliate them. [2] The Moto-Senpet War began with the battle where the Moto were defeated [3] and Gaheris did not return. [4] The Moto's gambit had become a complete disaster, as Jangir foretold. [5]

Mentor Edit

Moto Jangir 2

Moto Jangir

Jangir was the mentor of Shagala, a Ra'Shari sahir, [6] and Shalimar [7] who became the Dancer of the First Chronicle. [8]

Obsidian Mirror Edit

When Shalimar made contact with the foreigners the Senpet had imprisoned, she retrieved a heavy circle of glass, which she passed to the Old Man of the Mountain, leader of the Assassins [7] following the orders of Raya and Moto Jangir. [9]

Jackal activities Edit

Avatar of the Goddess Edit

A stranger was given to Moto Kiyoshi by the Eye of Night. [10] Her name was Shosuro Tage, member of the newcomers from the Emerald Empire, the Scorpion Clan. [11] Jangir recognized her as one of the Avatar of the Goddess, a key element to trigger the prophecy of the Awakening, and passed the information to the Monkey Man. He decided that Tage must die to deny the prophecy of the Awakening. [12]

Exposed Edit

Jangir's capture

Jangir's capture

Raya learned the true nature of Jangir, as Jackal. To deny his hold in humankind the Ra'Shari captured him. [13] He most probably had been part of the Jackal attempt on taking Raya's soul. [14]

Faded to the Stars Edit

After the defeat of the Kaleel's Legion Jangir began to fade. A new star, the Morning Star, first appeared in the sky. He knew the gods of the First Age were dead, and the time of heroes, his time, came to an end. A new age was beginning and it would have its own heirs. Jangir burst into a cloud of sparkling lights, rising up to meet the heavens. [6] The seventh star appeared in the sky, as recognition of their sacrifice. [15]

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