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Moto Isul

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Moto Isul

Moto Isul

Moto Isul was a bushi tactician of the Unicorn Clan.

Colonies Edit

Isul was appointed as escort of the caravans that traveled the Ki-Rin's Path, from the westernmost regions of the Unicorn Clan's holdings before finally reaching the northern reaches of the Colonies, at Journey's End City. [1]

Yodotai Raiders Edit

In 1198 he confronted raiders that attacked his caravan. Surprised and determined to protect their charges, the Unicorn had no choice but to fall back to a secondary route, leaving a smaller force to fight to the death as a delaying tactic to insure their Imperial cargo was not captured. The Unicorn did not uncovered their identity, but an Akod senior sensei recognized hints of the Yodotai strategies. [1]

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