Moto Chuko was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan.

Shogun's army Edit

Chuko was the chief shireikan of the of the Shogun Moto Taigo's army. The two men had known one another since childhood, and could often communicate with no need for words or movement. [1]

Chasing bandits Edit

In 1198 the Shogun chased a bandit group to their lair and destroyed them. The brigands had raided an Imperial caravan, but only a scroll was returned to the Miya by Moto Chuko. The Miya Herald was escorted back by Matsu Koyama. [2]

Covert activities Edit

The stolen materials were retrieved by the Unicorn warriors under Taigo's command, but they were not reverted to their original owners. In this way the Unicorn Clan had recovered from their previous exhausted situation. Chuko had done it many times following his Lord's orders, but he began to question these activities after the Unicorn had been recovered enough. [2]

Dark Naga Edit

Sightings of Naga were reported by peasants, so the Shogun's forces investigated the matter. [1]


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