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Moto Chai 
Born: 593 [1] 
Died: 619 [1] 
Children: Moto Khatalan

Moto Chai was renowned as one of the greatest horsemen who ever lived, in a clan that regularly produces talented examples of such.

Station Edit

He served the Unicorn Clan as both skirmisher and scout, and was often called upon when it was thought that a mission would be impossible because they knew he often would have the best chance to succeed. One tale told of Chai riding his steed full gallop, though hanging so far underneath the horse he was obscured by the tall grass he was riding through. Another spoke of him using his Uma-Yari to polevault his way over a hedge to escape some gaijin pursuers. [1] [2]

Master of Ma-Do Edit

His great love for horses and a greater connection with his horse proved himself one of the greatest horsemen in one of the first Ma-Do duels ever performed. In a festival with its gaijin neighbours to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first alliance Chai and Otaku Tsumi became the finalists. After they contended Tsumi surrendered the contest to the better skill showed by Chai. [3]

Death Edit

More than once Chai was offered to command large units, instead of merely working on his own, as was his want. Three times he refused the offer, feeling that he could best serve his lord by performing the task himself. After the third refusual, the general whom offered Chai the chance ordered him to commit seppuku in anger. When the Unicorn Clan Champion heard of this, he was said to have wept at the loss of so remarkable a man, and ordered both the general's own seppuku and that his name be struck from the Unicorn's histories. [1] [2]

Legacy Edit

His daughter Moto Khatalan surpassed the exploits of her father and attained the same position within the armies of the Moto he once held. [2]


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