Moto Bushi

Moto Bushi

The Moto Bushi school was a dark one indeed, dedicated to defending the Empire at all costs, as well as preserving the purity of the soul, as part of the Dark Moto influence. [1] After the family's unification the old techniques of the Ujik-hai began to be taught again, [2] remaining as a feared institution. [3]

Tradition Edit

Original Style Edit

The original Moto style emphasized heavy cavalry tactics, and their warriors were often held in reserve to strike the final blow against the Unicorn's enemies. [2] It taught a fierce unrelenting attack pattern and its complexity means there were few who understood how to defend against it properly. The fighting style originated from the Burning Sands, where the Moto tribesmen faught against all manner of foes. They learned that their best chance for victory was attacking without thought to their safety, and became widely feared. The Dragon and Lion had the most experience of the Moto fighting style due to the War of the Rich Frog. [3]

Shifting Edit

After the appearance of the Dark Moto the school's focus gradually shifted to emphasize techniques targeting Tainted opponents. With the family's unification in the 12th century, the school changed once again, and represented the original fighting style used by the Ujik-hai. [2]

Weapons Edit

The style was most commonly used with a katana like most schools in Rokugan, but unlike most schools they were not restrictive in only teaching one weapon. The Moto were taught a wide variety of weapons including several with gaijin origin. [3]

Dojo Edit

The Khan Moto Gaheris ordered the construction of Shiro Moto, and also decided to move the Moto Bushi school from Outsider Keep to the new capital city, in the Dojo of the Center. [4]

Moto Bushi Techniques before family's unification Edit

Moto Bushi 2

Moto Bushi

Actual Moto Bushi Techniques Edit

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