Moto Amadare 
Moto Amadare 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Moto Yoshino

Moto Amadare was a scout bushi of the Unicorn Clan who suffered a bloodspeaker ritual that made him blind except for those affected by taint or Shadows.

Blind Edit

In 1129 Amadare and his brother, Moto Yoshino, were patroling the Plains Above Evil when they were ambushed by bloodspeaker cultists and dragged to a cave. The bloodspeakers worked maho rituals and magically blinded them, but Yoshino did not survive. [1]

Seeing the Shadows Edit

Amadare could not see, except his bloodspeakers captives. The ritual was an experiment to create a sentinel against the minions of the Shadowlands and the spawns of the Lying Darkness. The cultist kept him alive until they could duplicate the ritual in another more willing subject. Amadare made his way out of prison and returned to Moto lands. [1]

Retirement Edit

Amadare had an early retirement at Ryoko Owari. In 1132 he realized he could "see" many of the citizens of the city, appearing as faceless abominations, leaking trails of shadow in their wake. Something was going wrong, but if Amadare informed of it he could be seen as a madman. Even the governor's hatamoto was faceless. [1]

Fighting the Shadows Edit

Amadare believed Toturi I was an usurper, being not a Hantei. [2] This year Amadare joined the Kami Shinjo and the Empire army in the Assault on Otosan Uchi. [3] Amadare charged the Champion of the Moon in the Imperial Throne room, and the force of the Moon flung him away. [4]

Fighting the Dark Moto Edit

In 1133 Amadare was alongside his Khan during the Battle of Twilight Mountains agains the Dark Moto, Moto Gaheris saved his life that day, but at the cost of losing Kiro, the Ancestral Sword of the Ki-Rin. [5]

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