The Moto Acrobat school was housed in the World's Balance dojo at Shiro Utaku, dedicated to teach horsemanship to those male Utaku who would care for and protect the Utaku steeds. [1]

Training Edit

Students learned to mount a horse with a single leap, how to ride a horse using neither saddle nor reins, and how to stay mounted even under duress from enemies in battle. They became masters of Ma-Do, and exhibition were arranged when sensei felt a group of students had successfully learned their techniques. [2] Moto Acrobats take horsemanship to a new level. While focusing on the ability to ride the horse well, they prided themselves in performing stunts that pushed the limits of physical possibility, looking to accomplish feats no other person had performed on horse. [3]

Known Technique Edit

Known Sensei Edit

Sensei were often held by the Moto. [2]


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