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RPG Information Edit

Moshi Wakiza 3

Moshi Wakiza

Moshi Wakiza, Centipede's Heir

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Moshi Shugenja / 2
Honor 2.3
Glory 3.8
Air 3 Earth 2 Fire 5 Water 4 Void 3
Reflexes 3 Stamina 2 Agility 5 Strength 4
Awareness 4 Willpower 3 Intelligence 5 Perception 4

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit


Kata Edit


Skills Edit

Athletics 4
Calligraphy 3
Courtier 2
Etiquette 2
History 4
Lore: Amaterasu 4
Meditation 3
Shintao 5
Tea Ceremony 1
Theology 4
War Fan 2

Spells Edit

Amaterasu's Anger, Amaterasu's Blessing, Essence of Fire, Fires of Purity, The Fires That Cleanse, The Fire From Within, Heart of the Inferno, The Light of Amaterasu, Wings of Fire, Arrow's Flight, Call Upon the Wind, Castle of Air, Gust of Wind, Osano-Wo's Breath, Tempest of Air.

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Minor Clans, page 75

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