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Moshi Wakiza 
Moshi Wakiza 
Born: 1106 
Died: 1133 
Parents: Moshi Jukio 
Spouse: Yoritomo 
Children: Yoritomo Kumiko, Yoritomo Aramasu (adopted) 
Titles: Moshi Daimyo,
Centipede Clan Champion

Moshi Wakiza was the daughter of Moshi Jukio and became the daimyo of the Moshi family when her mother retired. Her ambition led the Centipede Clan to join the Mantis, forsaken the ancestral oaths to Amaterasu, being cursed by the Lady Sun. She became tainted in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate and died during the childbirth of her daugher Yoritomo Kumiko.

Family Edit

Her cousin, Moshi Maiyomi, was student of Wakiza. [1]

Appearance Edit

Wakiza was a tall girl, willowy, somewhat awkward. She had intelligent dark eyes, and she kept her hair tied back from her head at all times. She rarely spoke, sounding quite timid when she did. She wore simple clothes and carried a fan with her. When using her magic Wakiza became a different person entirely, laughing wildly with joy and dancing like a woman possessed. [2]

Moshi Shugenja Edit

Moshi Wakiza 2

Moshi Wakiza

In 1124 Wakiza was an eighteen-year-old shugenja who impressed her teachers with her command of magic. Wakiza was taught alone by her mother and by a single tutor from the school, growing up shy and quiet, but very observant. She traveled out to sea to perform her tricks, skating across the coastal waters, without need of any boat. She mastered magic of long-range missile attacks and the like. [3]

Clan Wars Edit

Before the Clan War her daimyo mother hoped to find a suitable husband for her. As the war intensified, [4] Wakiza, as many others in these years, became a soldier of fortune. She was hired by the Crane Clan to fight against the Crab. [5]

Joining Yoritomo's Alliance Edit

In 1127 the Centipede conditionally decided to join the Yoritomo's Alliance. They wished a marriage with the ruling family of Mantis, to be determined later. [6]

War Against Shadow Edit

Betrothed Edit

When Kitsune Ryosei spurned Yoritomo as husband, the Mantis Clan Champion turned to the Centipede for a wife. Jukio offered him her daughter Moshi Wakiza. She was not as humble and wise as her mother. The prestige and power of her position clouded her judgment and fueled her pride, forsaken the ancestral oaths to Lady Sun. [7]

Cursed Edit

In 1132 Lord Moon fell in battle with Hitomi, and just before Amaterasu committed jigai, she had visited Wakiza, seeking to speak with Yoritomo's bride in her dreams. Lady Sun found boundless dreams of glory and desire flooding Wakiza's soul. The Moshi were cursed, their daimyo would never know the peace of death until the family's betrayal was redeemed by a selfless act of loyalty. [8]

Married Edit

In 1133 Wakiza married Yoritomo, the Mantis Clan Champion, after he was spurned by Kitsune Ryosei. This action cemented the Centipede Clan's position within Yoritomo's Alliance. [9]

Oblivion's Gate Edit

Wakiza fought beside Yoritomo during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. She was wounded in battle with a spawn of Tsuburu no Oni and, like so many that were wounded on that day, became Tainted. Yoritomo commanded his shugenja guardian, Yoritomo Komori, to return Wakiza to the Mantis Islands. [10]

Death Edit

Wakiza died while giving birth to Yoritomo's daughter, Yoritomo Kumiko. [11] Because of the Taint within Wakiza, Kumiko was born Tainted as well. [12] [13] Though it was Wakiza that had angered Lady Sun, the curse she placed finally fell upon Moshi Jukio. [14]

Forewarning Edit

Wakiza in her deathbed pointed to the Ancestral Weapons of the Mantis dooming the Mantis unless they could be wielded by a "prodigy of sword and spirit". [15]

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Preceded by:
Moshi Jukio
Moshi Daimyo
? - 1133
Succeeded by:
Moshi Jukio
Preceded by:
Moshi Jukio
Centipede Clan Champion
? - 1133
Succeeded by:

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