Moshi Tanakin of House Goraiku was a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Yakamo Seido Opening Edit

In 1160 the temple of Yakamo Seido was almost-completed, and the Goraiku Daimyo Moshi Goraiku needed both a Moshi and Hida shugenja to bless it. Tanakin was entrusted by his daimyo to find the Moshi Shugenja for the blessing, a dificult as the Moshi family had been devoted to Lady Amaterasu for centuries with Moshi Daimyo Moshi Jukio showing public disdain for Lord Sun. Tanakin hired a group of samurai who entered the Valley of the Centipede through the Treacherous Pass, where they were attacked by bandits. The party eventually managed to acquire a Moshi shugenja to complete the ritual. [1]


  1. Secrets of the Mantis, p. 45

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