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Moshi Takumi was a Fire shugenja of the Centipede Clan in the 9th century.

Early Years Edit

Takumi was considered an aberration, as male shugenja were unknown in the matriarchal Moshi family at that time. He could perceive the kami and communicate with them, but Takumi could barely influence the behavior of the Elemental spirits. [1]

Focusing on Fire Edit

Takumi spent all hi life to improve his skills with importuning the kami. He found an esoteric scroll written by a Kakita Kenshinzen, musing over the role one's inner Fire could play in iaijutsu dueling. Takumi researched on the technique of drawing on one's Fire to promote clear and focused thinking, but he never amounted to more than a mediocre shugenja. [1]

Legacy Edit

His careful records documenting his findings and detailing his techniques were rediscovered by Moshi scholars after the Centiped merged in the Mantis Clan. The Seekers of Clarity, a loosely-organized group of devotees to Takumi's methods used his approach to further pursuits as diverse as navigation, ship design, poetry, engineering, and music. Eventually the College of Clarity was established within a Moshi dojo to further develop and teach their methods. [1]


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