Moshi Nao 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Bayushi Kwanchai

Moshi Nao was the first wife of Bayushi Kwanchai, and she died during childbirth. [1]

Hoketuhime and Naseru Edit

Otomo Hoketuhime was the matchmaker who arranged Nao's marriage. While meeting with Hoketuhime to discuss the details, Nao was introduced to Hantei Naseru, who had arrived to talk to the Otomo Daimyo. Naseru and Nao engaged in a very flirtatious conversation, where talk turned to Nao's green eyes, which apparently were her most striking feature. Nao claimed that green eyes run strong in the Moshi family. Naseru declared that he must visit the Moshi lands to see that firsthand. An annoyed Hoketuhime reminded Nao that her sickly grandfather, her companion on her journey to arrange her marriage, may be needing her care now. Naseru, upon hearing this, decides to send the best physicians he knows to help treat Nao's grandfather. A very grateful Nao left, after which a vengeful Hoketuhime, slightly jealous at Naseru and Nao's flirting, decided to match Nao with Kwanchai, whose reputation for being a boor and a madman was known to all, and caused Naseru to remark that poor Nao would be in much distress. [2]


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