Please note: This article is about the shugenja-ko and painter. For other uses of the term, please see Masako (disambiguation).

Moshi Masako was a shugenja-ko and painter of the Mantis Clan.

Heart of Vengeance Edit

Both the father and husband of Masako died in a border skirmish with the Crane. Although the Crane later made reparations, she was with vengeance in her mind. Few years later she moved to Moku Mura, a village in a beautiful area of the Naishou Province quite popular with the Crane. A skilled painter, Masako poured all her grief and passion into her new works, which featured the wrath of the kami and the Fortunes, set against the beauty of the natural world yet suffused with spiritual fury. She painted at the local shrine dedicated to the spirit of the Tsunegawa Lake. [1]


  1. Naishou Province, p. 43

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