Moshi Keika

Moshi Keika

Moshi Keika was a member of the Mantis Clan.

Shady Dealings Edit

Yoritomo Leshanu was an ambitious advisor to Yoritomo Aramasu, the Mantis Clan Champion. He began to embezzling resources from Aramasu and selling them to the Yasuki family. His Crab trader, Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, reported his dealings to Aramasu and Leshanu fell in disgrace, being destroyed by the crew of his former ship, the Bitter Flower, at the command of Yoritomo Kitao. [1]

Death Edit

Seppuku of Moshi Keika

Seppuku of Keika

Keika's Death

Dead Keika

Keika had been followed orders of Leshanu during these dealings, and was forced to commit seppuku. [2] Aramasu blamed Leshanu's death on the clumsy way he had handled his affairs. [3]


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