Moshi Jukio 
Moshi Jukio 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1160 
Siblings: Moshi Euiko 
Children: Moshi Wakiza 
Titles: Moshi Daimyo,
Centipede Clan Champion

Moshi Jukio, known as Grandmother to her family, was the mother of Moshi Wakiza and twice the Daimyo of the Moshi family. She ruled before Wakiza and came out of retirement when her daughter died giving birth to Yoritomo Kumiko.

Youth Edit

She was a powerful shugenja and seer who studied with the Phoenix Clan as a young girl. She served with Isawa Tsuke in the Imperial legions. Tsuke had fallen in love with Jukio, but she was 10 years older and never returned the feelings. [1]

Centipede Clan Champion Edit

Moshi Jukio 2

Daimyo Jukio

Jukio left the Legions when she became the Centipede Clan Champion. She was concerned with her daughter's marriage, and Jukio even celebrated a festival, where a number of eligible young Minor Clan samurai had been invited to be seen by Wakiza, expecting the young heir would choose her future husband. [1] She also became the Chief Priestess of the Shrine of Lady Sun. [2]

Other Family Edit

Jukio was an aged Champion when in 1126 her sister Moshi Euiko born a daughter, Moshi Nikko. [3]

Amaterasu's Visit Edit

On the onset of the Clan War Jukio was visited by Lady Sun in her dreams, and told her of the Second Day of Thunder. Jukio was entrusted to plunge her tiny family into the turmoil suffusing the Empire and stand as a beacon of hope. When days later an emissary begged her to attend a council of Minor Clans at the behest of Yoritomo, the Mantis Clan Champion, Jukio knew she had found her answer. [4]

Joining Yoritomo's Alliance Edit

In 1127 the Centipede conditionally decided to join the Yoritomo's Alliance. They wished a marriage with the ruling family of Mantis, to be determined later. [5] When Kitsune Ryosei spurned Yoritomo as husband, he turned to the Centipede for a wife. Jukio offered him her daughter Moshi Wakiza, acting as she believed Lady Sun directed her. [4]

Cursed Edit

In 1132 Lord Moon fell in battle with Hitomi, and just before Amaterasu committed jigai, she had visited Wakiza, seeking to speak with Yoritomo's bride in her dreams. Lady Sun found boundless dreams of glory and desire flooding Wakiza's soul. The Moshi were cursed, their daimyo would never know the peace of death until the family's betrayal was redeemed by a selfless act of loyalty. [6]

Moshi Daimyo Edit

Jukio crying her granddaughter taint

Jukio crying her granddaughter taint

Wakiza's Death Edit

Wakiza married Yoritomo, cementing the Centipede Clan's position within Yoritomo's Alliance. [7] Jukio was never pleased when the Centipede Clan merged with the Mantis Clan. [8] In 1133 after the Battle of Oblivion's Gate Wakiza died tainted. [9] Though it was Wakiza that had angered Lady Sun, the curse fell upon Moshi Jukio. [10] The official recognition as family of the Mantis was made by Toturi I in 1134. [11]

Haru's Apprentice Edit

In 1144 the settlement which would be known as Water Hammer City rapidly grew. The monk and blacksmith Haru accepted his first students, who were offered the chance to practice his skills on the sacred forge there, [12] a scale of the Water Dragon herself. All of the clans save the Scorpion answered this call, and Jukio came there as the Mantis representative. She worked night and day for a week in the forge, to craft the Amulet of Amaterasu, which was kept in the city. [13]

Bitterness Edit

Jukio was well known for her wisdom and devotion to Lady Sun in her youth. She had seen how her daughter Wakiza had neglected her duties as High Priestess of Amaterasu, being more interested in helping Yoritomo build the Mantis into a Great Clan. Jukio blamed Wakiza for the death of the goddess. Old age, war and the death of Lady Sun twisted her into a bitter old woman. Cursed as many other Moshi shugenja were, she lived well past her hundredth year until she learned the lesson of respect and forgiveness. Jukio believed that her test of loyalty laid in serving Yoritomo Kitao despite she neither liked nor respected Kitao. [14]

Grand-grand-nephews Edit

Moshi Jukio was the grand-grand-aunt of Kalani [15] and Mogai, making their father Moshi Utamaro her grand-nephew. Jukio's bitterness towards males, especially male shugenja, caused Mogai and Utamaro to suffer the shame of being ignored by Jukio and the Mantis. Mogai's brother Moshi Kalani strived for her approval, even after Mogai had given up such toughts. [8]

Granddaughter Edit

Her grandaughter Yoritomo Kumiko's birth had been kept a secret even from her. Jukio was outraged that such a thing had been hidden from her and felt that Kumiko's life as a samurai had been wasted when she surely could have been a shugenja. [15]

Four Winds Era Edit

Moshi Jukio in an strange assembly

Jukio in an strange assembly

Jukio gave the Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess to Toturi Tsudao. [16] The spirit of Amaterasu had not been raised to the Heavens as could be expected, but returned to the Kharmic Wheel to be reincarnated as a mortal. Jukio believed that Tsudao was the vessel of Amaterasu's reincarnation. [17]

Mantis Civil War Edit

In the Mantis Civil War, Moshi Eihime urged Jukio to accept Kumiko as the Mantis Clan Champion. [18] When in 1160 Jukio was visited by Miya Hatori and Fuzake Sekkou they talked about the pretender, the supposed Yoritomo's daughter and her own granddaughter, Yoritomo Kumiko. [19] Jukio changed her loyalties from Yoritomo Kitao to Kumiko after seeing the abomination Kitao was. [20] Finally, Jukio knew that Kumiko had been hiding her taint. [21]

Death Edit

Jukio finally died in 1160 after her longevity curse was lifted by her acceptance of Kumiko, Jukio's "pure and honorable display of loyalty." Her niece Moshi Amika took her place as Moshi daimyo and showed little of Jukio's prejudices. [22]

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Preceded by:
Moshi Daimyo
? - ?
Succeeded by:
Moshi Wakiza
Preceded by:
Moshi Wakiza
Moshi Daimyo
1133 - 1160
Succeeded by:
Moshi Amika
Preceded by:
Centipede Clan Champion
? - ?
Succeeded by:
Moshi Wakiza


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