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Moshi Jiro was a captain of the Mantis Clan.

Station Edit

Jiro was and unpleasant and pragmatic man trained as a bushi in the Valley of the Centipede, and the sent to the Yoritomo Bushi school, where he demonstrated a knack for leadership and skills at combat. After his gempukku Jiro was shipped off to serve as a yojimbo and assistant to a prominent Moshi Navigator, Moshi Hikari. [1]

Captain Edit

After several years he captained his own vessel, the Tiger's Claw, stationed off the coast of the Colonies, watching and protecting the trade routes back to the Empire. After he began to develop a rapport with the local natives, his ship was permanently assigned to Kalani's Landing and re-commissioned as a mercantile vessel. Jiro requested his former charge to marry her daughter Moshi Miyako, but the matronly mother refused. Through political connections he acquired Miyako as his ship's navigator, and she was frequently seen in Jiro's company during his travels to the Second City. [2]

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