Moshi Ikako 
Moshi Ikako 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Moshi Amika 
Titles: Moshi Daimyo

Moshi Ikako was an air and fire shugenja of the Mantis Clan who was appointed as the Moshi Daimyo. [1] She was daughter to Moshi Amika. [2]

Old Ways Edit

After becoming daimyo, Ikako became dissatisfied with the current status of her Family and the loss of their identity in favor of the Mantis ways. She had tried to bring them back to her Sun worshipping ways. [2]

Moto Bloodline Curse Edit

In 1199 the Phoenix Clan spread the discovery that the Moto bloodline was cursed, drawing ill fortune. In front of Yoritomo Yashinko, her assistant Yoritomo Haruna, and Moshi Karuiko, the Kitsune Daimyo, Kitsune Toshitaka, confirmed the astrological report with the Moshi Daimyo Moshi Ikako, who would pass it to the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi. Yashinko considered bloodline did not matter, but the deeds of man, and Karuiko agreed. Ikako realized the new generations were losing their connections with their Centipede origins, because their duties to the Yoritomo had changed the Moshi family. [3]

Battle of Treacherous Pass Edit

In 1200 a Unicorn force who had invaded the Phoenix lands retreated to the Treacherous Pass. Ikako feared that the Moshi might suffer if the conflict would trespass onto the Valley of the Centipede. Ikako met the Master of Fire Isawa Koiso, who swore no Unicorn will enter the valley, and in turn Ikako gifted Koiso with a horagai, or shell-trumpet. They pondered that using the kami for violence disgraced all shugenja. The next day the Phoenix won the Battle of Treacherous Pass without using their shugenja and despite the Unicorn overwhelming numbers. A thick fog had appeared in the pass and the Phoenix used the shell-trumpets to signal orders in the battlefield, giving them the upperhand. [4] The Unicorn and Phoenix ceased hostilities, signing a treaty at Kyuden Moshi oversaw by Ikako. [5]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

This year Ikako had been warned by a vision, where Shadowlands monsters rose from the sea and attacked Amaterasu Seido. Her servant Moshi Karuiko would fell, overwhelmed by the demons, but Ikako would save Moshi Chiyoko, a follower of the old ways. [6] In the Month of the Boar the Mantis Clan were overrun by a demonic horde in the Battle of the Third Seal. [5]

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Moshi Ikako

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