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Moshi Hotaru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Master of Fire 
Children: Seven un-named daughters and two un-named sons

Moshi Hotaru was a shugenja of the Centipede of the 5th century who earned the nickname "Firefly" because of her shining spirit and her special talent for Fire magic. [1]

Fighting the Gaijin Edit

When in 442 the gaijin fleet attacked Rokugan, she set aside her pacifist beliefs to defend the Empire at the Battle of White Stag. After the battle, she married the Phoenix shugenja who would later become Master of Fire. They agreed that their daughters would remain with the matriarchal Moshi family, and their sons would live as Phoenix. [1]

Family Edit

The couple bore nine children, seven of whom became powerful and respected Moshi. Her blood also remains with the Phoenix to this day through the descendants of her two sons. The Master of Fire Isawa Hochiu was one of her known descendants eight centuries later. [1]


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