Moshi Hinome 
Moshi Hinome 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165 
Died after return:
Siblings: Moshi Hirota

Moshi Hinome was a Snow Maiden and water shugenja of the Mantis Clan.

Corruption Edit

Moshi Hinome 1

Hinome before the Rain

In 1165 Hinome was another victim of the Rain of Blood. When she fell to it's corruption she killed her brother, Moshi Hirota. Hinome fled to the Spine of the World Mountains where she lived in the wild, reducing her to little more than a savage beast. Despite her bestial appearance, Hinome retained much of her mind but the kami would no longer answer her call. [1]

Snow Maiden Edit

In the middle of a snowstorm Hinome collapsed in exhaustion. She awake in another place, where large snowflakes drifted to the ground. The body of Hinome recovered the appearance she had before the rain, only her fingernails, a deep, sinister red color reminiscent of blood, marred the image. Hinome was met by a Snow Maiden, Moshi Mariko, who was her ancestor. Mariko told her history, and explained Hinome she had died and became a Yuki no Onna, still tainted. Miroko aided Hinome to endure the taint and her soul was not lost to jigoku. [1]

Fighting Bloodspeakers Edit

Hinome not only fought her inner demons, she actively sought and destroy bloodspeaker cells near the Spine of the World Mountains. Near the Phoenix lands Hinome save the life of two Tsuruchi Bounty Hunters, Tsuruchi Dorai and Tsuruchi Shiriko, when they had been ambushed by cultists. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In the month of the Hare of 1173 [2] Hinome was near Kudo, a Hare village. The Destroyer War was ravaging the Empire and Kudo would be the next target of the Destroyers. The defenders fell back and began to evacuate the village, but they would not empty it on time. Hinome met Kitsune Ando, betrothed with her niece, a couple pure of soul. Hinome dismissed Ando, and decided to defend the village from the gaijin demons. [3]

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