Moshi Ehime 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Shiba Yojimbo 
Children: Moshi Emi,
Six un-named children

Moshi Ehime was a shugenja of the Mantis Clan. She was kind, patient, and confident in her own power and abilities. In 1148 Ehime was appointed as Chief Librarian of the Library of the Fiery Centipede in the Asako lands, discriminating who was granted admittance. [1]

Family Edit

Ehime married one year later with her personal yojimbo, who took her name, and they had seven children. Her twelve-year-old daughter, Moshi Emi, showed great magical aptitude and intelligence, and Ehime expected she would be her succesor as Chief Librarian. [1]

Daughter Kidnapped Edit

In 1160 Emi was kidnapped by Makoro, a ronin shugenja who Ehime had denied admittance into the library because she believed he would use the knowledge he gained for unscrupulous purposes. Makoro sent a message telling that he would kill her daughter unless allowed him one day within the Library. A group of samurai saved the girl unharmed. [1]


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