Moshangoru was an ogre bandit. He attained the status of enlightenment.

City of the Lost Edit

Moshanguru joined Daigotsu and lived in the City of the Lost. [1] In 1159 the Four Winds reached the city in the March of the Four Winds, but only to fight Daigotsu. [2] Moshanguru saw the Toturi's heirs, including the one who would become the Emperor Toturi III, and the death of Toturi Tsudao. [1] Akodo Kaneka wounded Moshanguru. [3]

The Wanderer Edit

Moshangoru 2


In 1168 Moshangoru saw a Wanderer and confronted him ready to kill. The ogre recognized the man as the Emperor Toturi III, who refused to explain why he was there. Moshanguru guessed the truth and pointed toward a mountain, where the Tomb of the Seven Thunders laid. The ogre told he spared Naseru's life to gain Daigotsu's favor, and Naseru would always remember the ogre name Moshangoru, who allowed a Emperor to live. Naseru entered alone in the Shadowlands toward the Tomb. [3]

Time of Demons Edit

The ogre informed the Oni Lord Kyoso no Oni about the encounter. The beasts of Jigoku were at fight with the Empire and also against the human followers of Daigotsu, the Lost, in the Time of Demons, and Moshangoru was playing both sides until a winner became obvious. Shortly after Daigotsu Rekai ambushed the ogre and forced to inform her what had he reported to her enemy. The ogre this time told the location of the Tomb, which was known by him, but he had avoided to pass the information to Kyoso. [1]

Kokujin's Student Edit

Kokujin teaches Moshangoru

Kokujin teaches Moshangoru

Kokujin, the Prophet of the Dark Lotus, believed that he knew the way of Enlightenment. His madness had led him to bring others to his fold, through force if necessary. Kokujin had a method as to whom he choose, though it made no sense to those around him. He decided to take on Moshangoru as a student [4] who finally attained enlightenement. [5]

Enlightenment Edit

Moshangoru refered to enlightenment as a simple moment of clarity. His people had known no existence other than servitude for longer than any could remember. Every attempt at attaining something greater had failed, and most had accepted slavery as their lot. Moshangoru had realized, however, that every failure had actually made them stronger. The weak had been culled from their number, and the strong had flourished. The time had come for a new destiny, and Moshangoru would lead his race to it. [6]

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