Morito Kitaji 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Kijuro 
Siblings: Several unnamed 
Children: Morito Kiyoemon 
Titles: Kijuro Daimyo

Morito Kitaji of House Kijuro was a bushi of the Ox Clan and the Kijuro Daimyo.

Family Edit

Kitaji was one of the sons of Kijuro, [1] and was father of Morito Kiyoemon. [2] He was particularly keen of mind, and an excellent hunter. [1]

Kijuro Daimyo Edit

After Kijuro died valiantly on a mission for Hantei Naseru in 1159, his household was well-compensated by Naseru and the Miya family for his sacrifice. Morito, the Ox Clan Champion, was also pleased with Kijuro's service and gave Kijuro's oldest son the Kijuro family daimyoship as a reward upon his gempukku. [3]

Kolat Conspiracy Edit

The kolat conspiracy was deeply infiltrated in the clan, but it was decided that Kitaji would not be inducted into the ranks of the Kolat. Kitaji idolized his father, and he would never accept the notion that his father had been a traitor to the Empire. The Kijuro were tasked with protecting the western provinces, far from the core lands of the Ox, and it would keep Kitaji from becoming a problem to the Kolat. [4]

Blood Hunt Edit

Kitaji was with Yogo Koji in his quest at the lands of the Ox Clan during the Blood Hunt. Kitaji led him to a small village near the northeastern border of Ox lands. There Koji prayed to create powerful wards around the area and set the village ablaze, destroying the Bloodspeaker cell who dwelled there. [1]

Son kidnapped Edit

Kitaji became an ally of the Nezumi after they rescued his son, and Kiyoemon's nanny, Morito Tomomi, from bandits. Kitaji promised to attack any Unicorn forces he would encounter on patrol, as these were hunting the Nezumi. [2] Kitaji was a good and honorable man, ruthless with his enemies. In 1170 the blood debt had initiated a conflict wiht a branch of the Utaku. [4]

Preceded by:
Kijuro Daimyo
(c. 1159) - Present
Succeeded by:


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